Fabrix Apparel is a fashion label established in London, UK at the end of 2016. From the love of fashion as well as its fabrication process – that journey from conception to completion, Fabrix emerged as a medium to gather and activate all human senses. Way beyond the visual appealing, we explore materiality – the touch, the smell, the emotions.

We are dreamers who dream only for a moment before they rush into giving birth to their dreams. We are creators who study the past only to form a base upon which they recreate the future. We strive for excellence. We take nothing for granted. We always ask why. We seek. We find. We do. We try. And we do all that due to our burning desire for holistic change, for unconditional love and for ultimate fun.

We are Fabrix. And we are not building a brand. We are building a legacy. Be part of it.